About Us

While you may have clicked this link wanting to find out about us, we’d like to first acknowledge you for taking action to make your dreams a reality. People like you who aren’t afraid to step up and take consistent action are a rare breed.

Our sole purpose here at Music Launch Pad is to empower  music artists like you with education, tools and strategies on how to create a lucrative full time career in music so one day you can do things like: quit your day job and hit the road,  take a vacation with money from digital sales or raise $100,000 on Kickstarter for your next project.

By signing up on the right you not only get 3 FREE Reports on Boosting your career, but automatically become eligible to participate in the Music Launch Pad Beta Testing Program.

Get “Excited” about the Future of Your Music, because we’ve spent big dollars on a video education platform that gives you the keys to your future.  This isn’t some bullshit opportunity site where we just take your money and say thanks whether you get the opportunity or not.  No we actually provide education, tools and techniques to:

  • Teach you how to book gigs with no fans
  • Bring people (over 100) to gigs without having a huge email list
  • Build your email list (over 10,000) quickly on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube
  • Make real money on iTunes, $1,500 per month within a year
  • Write hit songs that move crowds and get radio play
  • Write songs that get licensed on CBS, HBO, local and national tv and film

And much more, in fact we will have over 75 courses and 3 automation tools just to start.  This is serious life changing information for us music artists.
So stay tuned and open every email if you can, we’ll keep you posted as we approach launch date.

Best regards,

Chad Scott Nellis
CEO Music Launch Pad, Inc.

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