Bands Looking for Singers – Find The Best Fit For You

by Chad Nellis on June 20, 2017

If your singer when you want to get into a band that really enhances and develops your career you get clear about what you’re looking for before you go search and jump into any old band. To get clear, first you must determine what your vocal range is can you sing one octave, an octave, and a half, three octaves? The range is important if, for instance, you’re playing with a band that’s primarily pop these bands are looking for high range singers which can sing hi above most of the instruments and stick out in the mix. While this is not always the case it is a majority of the time. If we take a guy like Bob Dylan for instance, we see a very short vocal range but a master lyricist who could craft a song like a genius. But his music was folk with a little bit of rock’n roll, clearly not pop.

Once you know that your range, it’s important to really get clear about the genre that you not only like but also are willing to commit your career to. If you choose the wrong genre just because the band is cool you’ll end up unhappy and eventually quit the band. This is one of most essential things, getting clear about what you really love and what music moves you. To do this, simply think about the Masters of music who have influenced you most and use these as your example artists who you sound like or would like to sound like. Once you know your genre and who you sound like you’re almost ready to create an ad and reach out for bands looking for singers.

Another really important item to get clear on is your location. Make sure that the band you’re looking for doesn’t live so far that driving to rehearsal will not only cost you a lot of money and gas but drive you crazy from the traffic and the time that you waste. As a general rule, I like to make sure nobody drives more than 30 minutes to the rehearsal. So if you find the band is looking for singers and they are an hour away you should ask them if they’re open to meeting halfway between the two locations. Occasionally driving more than 30 minutes maybe necessary if you don’t have to do it more than once a week or if it’s for a paid gig. But for the most part driving more and 30 minutes more than once a week for a rehearsal that doesn’t make any money will begin to grind on your conscience and eventually crush your motivation.

Now once you’re ready to search, instead of just going to craigslist and searching to the disorganization and archaic search algorithm I would recommend trying some the other services including Music Launch Pad’s musicians wanted search. This is a free service and will allow you to input a search radius, the genre, the instrument, whether or not you’re looking for a band to join or if you’re looking for an artist to join your band and a host of other criteria which together makes your search intelligent and saves you time.

And remember, if you’re singing just ain’t up to par, it doesn’t matter how cool the band is, you’ll just get rejected. Fortunately, you can get vocal training at Music Launch Pad as well.   Sign up for a free account today. Best of luck with your search.


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