Bass Player Wanted – How & Where To Find The Best Player For Your Project

by Chad Nellis on May 9, 2017

If you’ve ever combed the Internet for a bass player or got on the phone and asked around, you’ll most likely find it’s not very simple.  And there’s a reason for that.  This is because there simply aren’t that many bass players compared to guitar players or drummers.  Based players are rare, which means they’re in high demand.  And a lot of other people are also seeking the same bass player that you’re looking for. So what separates you from them?

After booking hundreds of gigs and hiring literally dozens of bass players, I think I can add some valuable insight into this process. First off, you need some leverage.  Meaning, you have to have something that the other people don’t.  The number one thing most bass players want is going to be Gigs that pay cash.  If you can come up with some gigs that pay cash and maybe sprinkle them in with some gigs that don’t pay cash, then you’ll have a great chance at luring in a good bass player.

The second most important thing might be the passion surrounding your project.  If your music is really good and you can prove that the rest of the members are in it to win it and you got some great music and actual plans to do something with it, there’s a good chance a bass player will get behind you.  Even if there is no cash Upfront.

Now all the above is all about the high demand bass players. But of course there are also some lower-level players that may be good for your project depending on what level you are at.  So if you’re just starting out there may be a bass player who’s at your level who doesn’t need to make money who really just wants to plan a band.  If this is the case for you, you want to make sure that you’re very clear about who you want in your band.

The most important thing is that you get along. You have to be friends with this person because you’re going to be hanging out with them a lot and if you don’t like them it’s going to go south quick. They also have to have some ambition and desired to play and go to rehearsal not just the gig.

These things can be figured out pretty quick just by interviewing someone and asking them how often do they like to rehearse. If somebody says: “I really only like to rehearse maybe once a week or once every other week.” If they hem and haw and walk around the subject of rehearsing then this is probably not your guy or gal. You want to shoot for the ones who are in it to win it, someone that really wants to practice and get better.

With this in mind, now you need to find somewhere to find this actual person, like online or through the grapevine.  The first thing you can do is obviously look on craigslist, but there’s a lot of challenge with this route as it’s very archaic and disorganized. You can also ask everybody you know who is a musician and start to attend gigs of the other bands to see if there is a bass player who might want to Moonlight in your project, or maybe just to leave their current project for your project.  This is obviously going to be a lot of work on your part to take the time and look around, which may not bear any fruit.

Or alternatively you could try to Music Launch Pad’s Search Engine, which is beginning to gain momentum and promises to be the search engine of the future for music artists. Who knows, maybe you’ll find another Jaco Pastorius.  Check it out by getting a free account today and best of luck with your search.

Chad Scott – Founder Music Launch Pad

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