Find A Musician – What’s the Best Site?

by Chad Nellis on April 9, 2017

If you are looking to find a musician for your band or project, there are many approaches like searching online or asking friends, or going to local gigs and asking around.  Of course the most used method is craigslist, which is outdated, disorganized and time-consuming. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an update to craigslist that had any significant improvements over the last 10 years.  Over its For instance, if you do a search for bass players, you must first put in your query and then search hundreds if not thousands of listings.  It may not have anything to do with bass players and these ads don’t tell you anything about the level or ability of the artist, whether or not this person is a male or female, what their age is, what their goals are, or any real relevant information to filter out the dreck.  As a result, it takes hours if not days to sift through the crap on craigslist.

Yes there are sites that you can pay forLike band mix, but the problem with this sites like this is that not many people want to pay for the service and would prefer to scavenge on craigslist instead, which of course makes the talent pool on Bandmix shallow to say the least.

But times have changed and now we have Music Launch Pad, which has the most robust search engine for music artists in the world.  To be fair, at the writing of this post the search engine is relatively new and building its data base day by day city by city.  So if you’re in a large city, chances are you may find someone you’re looking for within seconds as the search criteria can filter everything from radius, to sex to goals to age and yes what instrument you play.

And eventually once word catches on Music launch pad will be like craigslist where you can find just about any artist in any city all using the free service.  To use the service, just sign up for a fee account at

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