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by Chad Nellis on April 28, 2017

After being a solo artist for 15 years and touring the United States with my band Shaka Buku and Chad Scott Band, I’ve had to assemble over 20 different Find Band Membersbands and there aren  definitely some ways to save time.   And of course save you from the migraine headache when picking the wrong person who comes to the show wasted drunk and ruins not only your entire night but maybe career as well.

First off, just as in anything you do in life, you need to get clear.  What are you looking for?  Specifically what level of player are you in need of?  Beginning intermediate, advanced, professional or touring pro?  Make sure you understand the level of play that is required of this person. Otherwise you’ll spend hours hours and hrs. wasting time interviewing people.

The next thing doesn’t have anything to do a skill, but could be the most important thing. Will they show up to the show sober and do the job?  I can’t tell you how many twisted broken musicians there are out there who either get wasted for the show or get wasted during the show and ultimately, either way, they ruin the show.   Nothing wrong with having a beer two, but you got to make it clear up front, if you get drunk and you can’t play you’re out of the band!  You only get one warning.

The next thing you want to get clear onIs your goals. What are your goals?  Are you going to play once a week or once a month?  How meet times are you going to rehearse?  Once a week or once a month?  These things need to be in your ad when you post something and look forA band member.  So for example, if you are gearing up for a series of shows where you may not get paid it all and you don’t have a rich uncle financing your music career, you’re going to need a very different type of player than if there was guaranteed pay.  Yes you will have to dig a little deeper, but there are always music artist out there who will play with your project.

You want to find the ones that are humble.  They don’t talk a lot and are teachable and what to move forward. Meaning, they’re actually working on their craft and trying to get better. They may not be at the top but that’s okay. You want to find ones who are working their way to the top and show ambition. Ambition is probably the number one thing you want look for.  If the guy has no ambition he probably won’t practice that hard and he won’t help you get where you want to be, in fact he’ll hold you back like a dead weight.

Okay let’s assume you know what you want now in the level of player, in their goals and what is expected of them. Now where do you search? Craigslist has obviously been the default standard for the last 20 years maybe more, but this site is archaic and takes forever to find anybody.  For this very reason, Music Launch Pad has created the most robust search engine for music artists available online. Just sign up for a free account and you’ll be able to put in all of your filtering criteria such as age, genre, male or female, distance from you, goals and their availability.   Check it out HERE

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