Guitarist Wanted? How To Find The Best Guitar Player For Your Project

by Chad Nellis on April 18, 2017

Looking for a great guitar player for your band or project?  Even though there are literally millions of guitar players out there, finding the right one can be a daunting task.  First off sites like

Craigslist are antiquated and disorganized.  You may search for “guitarist wanted,” but the search results may be full of singers, bass players or even guitars for sale.

The first thing to do when you’re looking for the right guitar player is to get clear on what you really need.   What genre are you in?  Most guitars who do session work will tell you they pay every style, but I’ve been hiring studio cats for 20 years and this is just a bunch of BS!  No guitar plays every style well!  They only say this because they want you to hire them and they may be desperate for money.  Don’t sell out, keep looking for someone who says your genre is the one they specialize in.  Of course there are cross overs, but rarely will you find a great metal guitar player who is also a great funk player or country player.  Typical cross overs will be found in R&B to Hip Hop to Funk, to Reggae to Pop.  Or in the heavy category you’ll find some cross overs in Metal to Indie to Rock.

Once you know what genre you need to identify the age range.  This is important.  If you list an ad and get a bunch of dudes who are way older and just don’t fit the image of the project, its probably not going to work.  This isn’t just because of the image class either; it could be because you just won’t relate to each other.  Try not to go over 10 years younger or older than the average age of the people in your project.  Obviously if you’re 21 then you’re not going to go 10 years younger and there are always exceptions to this rule so stay open minded

Ok so you’ve got a genre and age, now it time to define the level of player you need.  If you’re just starting out be honest.  You don’t want to have some pro show up and blow you all away and then give you the finger for wasting his time, unless of course its a recording project and you’re paying him or her good money.  So what is your level?  Are you getting for gigs like pros do?  Or are you intermediate, getting paid occasionally but working towards full time?

Next is attitude.  Yes this is really important.  If you get some diva who things the world should bow at her feet, then you’re looking at a lot pain down the road when it comes time rehearse and they either show up drunk or they just don’t want to get out bed.   Attitude can be read in the words from their responses to your ads.  Ask them a question to qualify on the phone.  Yes, call them and do a phone interview.  Ask what there experience is, have they ever been thrown off stage or had band disputes.  If they hesitate to answer this is a red flag my friend, proceed with caution and don’t sell out.  Find the right musician, they’re out there.

Lastly you want to make sure this person is in the vicinity of your rehearsals.  Most search engines allow you to filter by zip code but at Music Launch Pad you can filter by miles.  Stick to 25 miles unless you just can’t find the right person, then go to 50 miles and so on.  You may indeed to have to widen your search to find the right person and just rehearse somewhere halfway between you and the new recruit.

When searching for musicians wanted, first check out Music Launch Pad’s intelligent search engine.  It blows away Craigslist and its free.  You got nothing to loose and we got lots of other free tools to amp up your music career.  Best of luck my friend!

Chad Scott Nellis – CEO & Founder MLP

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