How To Promote Your Band Virally With Bloggers

by Chad Nellis on December 17, 2015

One of the biggest challenges of independent artists is promoting through internet channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  It can take 2-5 years of day how to promote your bandto day promotion to build any kind of sizable following on these channels, but many musicians don’t realize how powerful the taste makers “bloggers” of the internet are.  Many bloggers have thousands of followers and readers who catch their posts simply through search engine results.  Of course as with all things promotion, if it works, its got competition so lets discuss some quick ways to rapidly boost your fans with bloggers.

1) Compile A List
First, its not uncommon for these taste makers to get bombarded by artists with shameless pitches to promote.  Typically these pitches are not very well thought out and do not reach the right bloggers who cover a particular genre of music.  So the first step is to search for bloggers who cover your target market.  To do this I recommend simply doing a search for “music blogs (your genre).”  Then once you have a list you’ll need to take one more step and go to and enter the name of the site.  Once they pull up data for you, they will ask you to buy a membership for all the data, but you don’t need it all so just scroll all the way down and you’ll find the age group, gender and a few other really key statistics.  The biggest is “related links” and “categories with related sites.”  These will give you more websites to ask for a review of your music.

2) Refine Your Pitch
Second, once you got a good list its time refine your pitch.  Typically bloggers are looking for new releases, but will also cover bands they simply find interesting.  So the first thing to think about is ….”what is your angel?”  what makes you different from all the other bands out there? For example, my band Chad Scott Music is all about positive music so I could say something  “we make music with the sole intention of making people smile”… “we’ve created a video called “smile for me” which filmed over 1,000 smiles and we thought you might enjoy it.   Next you want to say something about the blogger and his or her accomplishments that hopefully relate to what you’re pitching.  So for example, I could add: “we really loved the blog post you wrote about Josh Monroe’s feel good music and wanted to acknowledge your talent and attention to detail.  We also thought you might enjoy this video which features over 1,000 smiles and has been lifting people all over the planet.  Check it out here:

If you’re asking them to cover a new album release you’ll need to look at their policies for covering new releases and how much lead time they need (typically 20-90 days).

3) Call To Action
Third, hopefully by now you’ve got their attention and its time to ask them to take action.  Be specific here, if you have a release coming out these bloggers need anywhere from 30-90 days notice or more to cover your new album.  So you’ll need to let them know about when your album drops and any other specifics like live concerts that will be supporting the album.

4) Follow up
Ok now this is most likely the biggest challenge simply because most people give up at this point.  The sale is in the follow up (as they say) and you may need to follow up 5 or 6 times, but don’t give up.  Try once a week for 6 weeks and if nothing happens wait a few months and try again.  Eventually they will think your are either crazy or just damn persistent.  Hopefully its the latter, which will be the most likely scenario since again most people will give up after the first couple attempts.  Remember: Persistence is your best friend!

Feel free to comment below with any suggestions or results you’ve had.

-Chad Scott Nellis – CEO MLP

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