How To Promote Your Music – And Not Get Scammed

by Chad Nellis on July 13, 2017

For most musicians learning how to sell or market your music on the Internet can be more confusing then it is helpful. With the arising of the new music business, there have been countless so-called experts pop up and ask for your money in exchange for some form of moneymaking strategy. There are several things to be on the lookout so you don’t get scammed.

While some of these people are well-intentioned, their strategy simply may not work for you, so in this article, we’ll cover two of the most important criteria that you should make sure are in place. Number one, they should have success themselves in the area of expertise they are touting. So if they’re just giving secondhand info from second-hand experience you may miss out on the details that actually made a particular strategy for sell thousands of records succeed. Remember, the Devil’s in the details. For example, I bought a course on Facebook Marketing for musicians and they course showed me how to use insights and all the stuff that has hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube already. This wasn’t anything new, what I was looking for was the details on how an actual campaign converted a user to a lead to a sale. These details were never included, I felt robbed of $500. So if you want a real Facebook marketing course with all the nitty gritty details, check out our marketing course on “Direct To Fan Marketing”.

The second thing to look for is testimonials. So even if you find someone who makes Celtic metal or Irish singing songs for cats and they’ve sold thousands of records, unless you’re selling very similar music, it’s probably not going to work for you. The reason is that these micro niches are much less competitive than the larger niches like pop music and indie music. There’s much less competition in the micro niches and the strategies these people teach for the most part only apply to micro niches.

When you’re going up against Record label sponsored bands who have hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars behind them, you’re going to need a different strategy to get the attention of the average fan. No record labels are throwing millions of dollars at Celtic Metal, which is why it’s simply easier to break that market.

The bottom line is you need to look for testimonials of people who have been successful using the strategies of the teacher. If they have no legitimate testimonials chances are the strategy either hasn’t been tested or simply doesn’t work for everyone. Typically these courses online for promoting music or selling music are taught by rogue individuals who have declared themselves quasi-experts because they were able to make more money selling these strategies to desperate musicians than they were able to make selling their music to fans. Keep this in mind on your search… is the teacher and platform really trying to add value to your life, do they have a successful career doing what they’re teaching or are they just trying to make money selling to desperate musicians because they can’t really sell their own music and build a fan base? Because let’s face it, if you’re a really awesome musician, you’d much rather be playing music than teaching music strategies.

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