How to promote your music? – Top Methods Part 1!

by Chad Nellis on November 28, 2017

Learning how to promote your music is not that hard once you know the platforms you need to use and what you have to do. The focus has to be on finding the right methods that work for you and eliminating the ones that don’t.   For instance, all bands should have a website and be sharing your music with influencers, but if you’re not a touring musician you most likely want to focus on YouTube and Facebook, and if you do tour you want to focus primarily on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. While it can be a bit time-consuming at first, learning how to promote your own music does pay off in spaids. With these methods, you will find it very easy to reach a large audience, and the outcome can be extremely impressive in the long term!

Create your website

One of the best ways to learn how to promote your music is to create your site. Here you can showcase your music to people that are interested in listening to it. Results can be more than ok in the end, and the experience can work to your advantage because of it. It’s important to create your own site since it helps with branding and the experience is interactive and engaging, which holds the attention of fans. Also, you can also sell music on your website and collect email addresses in exchange for free music and that can help you expand your reach as a musician as well.

Promote your music on social media

One of the key things to focus on when learning how to promote your music on social media is that you have access to millions of users. Of course there is paid advertising and good old word of mouth by sharing some song teasers, exclusive photos, concert pictures and maybe even adding some giveaways. If you’re going to do paid advertising the winner hands down is Facebook. Only facebook allows you to micro-target users who like particular artists. The challenge here is that if you don’t know what you’re doing you can blow through hundreds if not thousands of dollars without much to show for. For a detailed course on Facebook Marketing check out our Music Marketing Hub Here.

Contact influencers

Another key marketing tactic to promote your music is to work with someone that already has an audience and promote your music there. It’s called piggybacking and uses the hard work someone else has already done to get you ahead. Working with influencers is amazing, and you can create a massive audience this way.  The challenge, of course, is getting their attention and convincing them to share your music with their audience. If you find an influencer like a blogger or artist that has a captive audience, try sending them an email, but don’t just say: “Hey listen to my music,” everyone does that. Instead, compliment them on their work and tell them what you have in common. Ask if you can help them in some way then lightly drop… “Oh by the way I have some cool music I think you’ll dig, check out this Soundcloud link.”

Share your music on Spotify

Spotify has a great system with recommended artists popping up when people like a specific song. Basically, it’s very easy for you to create an artist account and share your music on the platform and you will appear as recommended for people that listen to music in that genre. But again the big challenge here is getting people to listen to you. One of the ways to make this happen is getting on someone else’s playlist that gets a lot of plays.   Again you’ll need to reach out to these people but use the same MO as the one I suggested in contacting influencers. Just get the relationship started. Even if it doesn’t immediately lead to something, every time you reach out to someone you are branding your name. It’s never a wasted effort.

Create an electronic press kit

You can create an electronic press kit (EPK) at Music Launch Pad for free, and you can share it with various press outlets all over the world. Of course you’ll want to be prepared with a few good recordings, pictures, videos and reviews that accompany that will be embedded into the EPK. The added benefit here is that you get to include the band contact info, some links to your music, bio, tour dates and send to booking agents for live gigs or marketing opportunities.

Above we’ve listed only a few methods for marketing your music. In Part II we’ll cover even more killer promotional strategies so make sure you sign up to our email list and get updates on all our advanced strategies for creating a real music career.

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