How to Promote Your Music – Top Methods Part 2

by Chad Nellis on December 5, 2017

If you enjoyed the first part, then welcome back, if you’re just seeing this then you may want to check out part 1 of How to promote your music first. Let’s jump into more great information about how to promote your music fast and efficiently. What’s important to keep in mind is that there are always new methods for promoting your music online, so if you haven’t already joined our newsletter make sure you do that so you can stay up to date on all our latest articles and courses. As long as you stay connected and think outside the box, results can be amazing!

Collaborate with other musicians

What most musicians don’t realize is that you don’t have to compete with others in the industry. What you can do is to group together and identify some opportunities to showcase your songs together. You can record a cover song together with someone who has a similar or slightly larger audience and promote each other on your Facebook channels and so on. The idea is to opt for those musicians that are within the same genre as you. This strategy of collaboration can create some amazing results and building partnerships will be quite meaningful in the long run!

Contact an online radio

This method may require a financial investment, but it all depends on the online radio you want to choose. No matter if you choose an established online radio or a new one, it’s safe to say that you can get more exposure and people that listen to your music. It’s a lot easier to generate word of mouth for your music when someone hears it online. Yes, it can be a bit time-consuming to promote your music this way, but it can also come in handy in the end. Just make sure you get reviews of any services that ask you to pay to play. Especially those touting they will give you Spotify plays, this space is loaded with scammers.

Upload songs to YouTube or Vimeo

Vimeo and YouTube are two of the largest video platforms in the world. So, if you want to get a good exposure for your songs, put them online and make sure you tag them appropriately with keywords that are they “type” of music you play and “similar artists” that sound like you. Try to share your music on social media and promote your YouTube/Vimeo channel as much as you can by sharing links. This takes time so be patient, but if you are consistently publishing new videos you can establish a community around your music and make a living off the advertising revenues. Make sure you check out our course on viral video marketing.

Sell your music on Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a popular platform for musicians. People can stream your music and purchase it without a problem hassle and you can charge whatever you want. So, if you want customers to sample as well as buy the songs you put out, this is a great platform for you. Not only that, but its free to use, you only get charged when people buy your music. You can also use this as a musical portfolio to feature all your recordings. Keep in mind Band Camp is a beginner platform, once you get notoriety you’ll want to take 100% control and pay for your own website.

Create an email list

Music promotion is all about collecting fans and one of the best ways is to build your email list. Do do this you can either give away a few songs or an entire album for free only if people sign up to your email list. Creating an email list is very important for a musician because that’s how you can keep people up to date with your music, concerts and so on, but even more important is that you can sell more music to them in the future. So if you lose money up front, don’t sweat it, make the sacrifice as once you get their email, as long as you make great music and deliver value you’ll have a customer you can sell to for as long as you keep delivering good content.

There are lots of amazing ways you can learn how to promote your music. You have to take your time identifying, which one works for you, but the results can be great as long as you are willing to go through a quick trial and error process.  Try each tip in this series and give it a good 6 months to a year. Even if one of these methods doesn’t work, don’t give up. Work hard, pursue your dreams and collaborate with others, you are bound to reach success sooner rather than later!  For more in depth training visit us at

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