How To promote Your Music – Top 2 Ways – Part 1

by Chad Nellis on October 24, 2017

An interesting thing happens when you don’t market your music…. Nothing!  It doesn’t matter how good your music is or how amazing you play guitar, drums or sing, if you don’t toot your horn, nobody else will.  Jim Rohn, the mentor of Tony Robbins, the undisputed most successful personal development coach in the world, used to say: “Self-promotion pays big money.”

And of course, with very few exceptions this is true.  If you just take a look at some of the most popular artists of today like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake, you’ll notice that these people aren’t incredibly talented musicians, in fact looking at them in comparison to artists like Stevie Wonder or Bob Marley  or Carol King, who changed the way music was made, they simply pale in comparison.  But they either promoted their asses off or were promoted by someone else who promoted their asses off.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you don’t have to have great music to be a star in music.  You just have to know how to promote yourself.  So the million dollar question here, of course, is “How to Promote Your Music?”

Fortunately, today its easier to promote your music than ever before in the history of music.  This is primarily for two reasons:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube

While other social media helps, and touring help, nothing compares to promotion on these sites simply because they give you access to billions of people.  Yeah, billions, not millions!   Ok so now we’ve whittled it down to two channels but what’s the best way to go about maximizing your time and money on these sites?

Facebook, is the leader here, simply because its fan pages are built for doing this.  If you sound like Justin Bieber you can simply run an add to his fans and presto cruncho you’ve got fans.  But in reality, it ain’t so easy, especially if you’re on a budget.  To overcome this hurdle I bought several online courses from the whos who of music marketing, but even these strategies didn’t work.  For instance, if you build a squeeze page and try to collect an email in exchange for a few songs, it used to be novel and people opted in but now people are extremely wary of giving their email away so its effectiveness has dropped considerably.  Because of this challenge advertising on Facebook has become ridiculously expensive.  It could cost you $5-$15 to get 1 email, which over time really ads up.

Fortunately, when you’re determined, you never give up and I kept working Facebook and trying strategies to get fans over the last 5 years and I stumbled onto something quite remarkable.  I found out a way to get these fans without even having to pay Facebook any money at all.  Yes, thats right Zero Ad spend!  Now I didn’t give up on advertising with Facebook and eventually found a way to get fans, (real fans that buy shit, not just Pakistani fans that never buy anything) for an average of $.20 cent per fan.

So in total, I (Chad Scott – Feel Good Music) went from just over 2,000 fans to over 47,000 fans in 6 months and my secret system is so underground that I’m really leery of giving it away or even making a course and charging for it.  Why?  There’s a good chance that if everyone starts doing what I’m doing then people might become immune to it, just like they have become immune to squeeze pages and opting in for a few songs.  I thought about this for a while then came to the conclusion that I’m really here on this planet to help people.  And Music Launch Pad was built to set music artists free so they could do what they love full time and make a real living at it.

So I’ve decided to create an entire course called the “Super Fan System – How To Build A Rock Solid Fanbase with Little to No Cash” and I’ll be releasing it soon.  I’m sure he would love to have the scores for free but I need to charge money for two reasons and this is really important so pay close attention.

I’m sure you’d love to have this course for free but I need to charge money for two reasons. And this is really important so pay close attention here!

1) I’ve  spent five years developing this with endless blood sweat and tears… You don’t work for free do you?

2)  people that want things for free are typically bargain hunters but here’s the real question… Do you want a bargain career? Do you want half thousand fans instead of 100,000 fans, do you want to make a living playing your music or do you want to sit at a desk for the rest your life?

To find out more just stay connected through email here or on Facebook here.  You don’t want to miss out on this one, it’s going to be a game changer.

In my next post, we’ll cover YouTube.  Feel free to comment below.

Kind Regards,

Chad Scott Nellis, CEO Music Launch Pad


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