How To Use Feedback To Get to the Top

by Chad Nellis on January 27, 2015

So you want to be a successful musician eh?  Perhaps you want to write a song that gets on the radio, TV or Film, play to a full house at your local coffee shop or even sell out an Arena Tour. Whatever level of success it is you seek, somewhere along that path you will have to find out whether or not your songs are up to snuff.

downloadThe problem is most people scared sh*tless about finding out there is something that needs improvement.  Notice I didn’t say something “WRONG”.  So the first lesson in getting your music to be accepted and loved by the public is to not worry about being wrong.  Instead FOCUS ON IMPROVEMENT!  Amateurs tend to be guided by their own self-righteousness, which really stems from fear.  But again, this is the BIGGEST ROADBLOCK from moving from amateur to pro.

Pros know that part of the process of writing songs and performing is feedback.  Not only is it part but its THE PART that separates them from the rest.  So instead of Focusing on Being Wrong focus on how you can Get Better by asking for feedback.

Your Top 3 Feedback
Don’t ask your parents, friends or family unless they are trained musicians and will give you honest feedback.  You want two things here, is it good and how can you improve.  Here are the top 3 that will boost your music to the next level, this is what separates the pros from amateurs so don’t skimp out.

  1. Your best option if you want real feedback is to find some trained producers first as they are subjected to all kinds of music and can not only give you feedback, but they can give you suggestions on how to improve.
  2. The next option would be musicians.  Musicians hear stuff that regular people can’t hear and will give you suggestions on how to improve.
  3. Last but not least, you definitely want to get feedback from regular people who are in your target market (right age group) you do NOT know.  They won’t be able to give you suggestions on improvement, but they will tell you if they like it or not.  If its good you’ll get around 60-70% approval, if its really good you will get around 70-80% and if its a mega hit you’ll get around 90% approval.

To get feedback from the producers and musicians ask around on music launch pad’s network or craigslist  and offer to exchange feedback for feedback.  As far as the “regular people” try posting a video of your song (you only need 1 picture for the whole song) to Facebook and asking for an honest review of your song with a simple score of 1-10 for hit quality or try Reverbnations paid service.

No Matter what get feedback, this is the key to improvement and improvement is the key to getting you to the top as a full time paid musician with thousands of raving fans!


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Best,  Chad CEO Music Launch Pad

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