Music Marketing on YouTube – What Really Works?

by Chad Nellis on December 27, 2017

You may wonder if YouTube is right for an artist or band who creates and performs their own songs. The answer is a big “Yes” for so many reasons. Next to Google, YouTube is the biggest search engine on the internet and many artists and bands have broken out because of YouTube and with the right formula, you could be next. Here are a few tips that will help in your music marketing on YouTube.

Make Videos for All Your Songs

YouTube has become the most popular way for people to listen to songs that they may not own. So, make it easy for them and upload all your songs so they can be heard. You don’t have to create a proper video as a photo of an album cover along with the song will do. But all your songs should be represented on YouTube.

Put Important Links in Video Description

The video description section of each post you make should start with a link to your website and all other important links which includes the stores where your music can be purchased. By putting them at the top, a viewer will not have to open the description to click on the most important links.

Add Cards, End Screens, and Call-to-Action

There are a variety of tools on YouTube that will help promote your videos the year-round. From adding cards to your videos that encourage people to buy your songs, increase the number of viewers, and even boost your channel subscriptions. End screens are also quite useful in boosting your status and a call-to-action will help encourage people to buy.

Create a Greeting Video

Whether for the holidays or some other special occasion, making a short greeting video can do quite a bit to boost your profile. You can also embed the video on your website so that it maximizes coverage.

Help Fans in Posting Their Content

It’s not just the content you create, but those of your fans that will help make your YouTube channel. So, someone might post your song to their ugly-sweater Christmas party or as background music to their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Whatever the case, you should email your fans and let them know that your songs are free to use for videos such as for the holidays, family reunions, weddings, and other projects. You can even hold a contest and choose your favorite from the contestants, which will help boost your profile and provide you with a new way to promote your songs.

Use CD Baby YouTube Monetization Program

This easy-to-use program will help you monetize your YouTube efforts and collect royalties whether the song is used today, tomorrow, or ten years from now. You never know when one of your songs might hit it big, so be sure to include your entire song list for the CD Baby YouTube Monetization Program.

The best music marketing on YouTube means putting out new performances and recordings on a regular basis. This improves your chances of being seen by both the public and those in the business who can help boost your career. YouTube can be the doorway to new possibilities if you understand how to use it correctly.

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