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by Chad Nellis on September 4, 2017

If you’re looking through the musicians wanted ads and find singers wanted in the bass player section don’t be surprised. Sites like, which have been around for decades cater to thousands and thousands of different products and services, which have nothing to do with music. It’s no wonder their searches are inaccurate as it is impossible to service one niche when you have thousands of niches.

Last week I was searching craigslist for a bass player for my band. When I was scrolling through the listings I found a couple ads for Country singers and I also saw a couple of ads for contestants wanted for a Battle of the bands. While I was highly disappointed, I continued to search nonetheless and found some very weak applicants for the job. Of course, I thought to myself, there’s got to be something better than this. And of course there is; there are several sites out there that help you find a band member or if you’re a musician looking for a band they can help place you in a potential band. Some of the challenges I found with these services is that they are paid services and most musicians simply don’t want to pay for services like this because they’ve got craigslist. And as bad as craigslist is let’s face it, it’s free. Since its free, it’s got a much larger selection of music artists to choose from.

But what if there was a service that was free and blew craigslist out of water when it came to searching for anything related to building your music team?
Well, this has actually become a reality at, which features one of the most powerful music search engines available online. Of course, the great benefit here is that music launch pad is 100% devoted to musicians. The search engine allows you to search genre, age range, skill level, radius, gender, and goals. By fine-tuning your search you could literally find a match within seconds. I highly recommend you check it out when you get a chance. Keep in mind this platform is just beginning to gain momentum but promises to take over craigslist and become the default search engine for all music artists.

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