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With little success to show for after 10 years of toil in the school of hard knocks, Music Launch Pad was concieved by musician Chad Scott. With a background in internet marketing and personal development he set out to create a platform to help musicians world-wide make their dreams a reality.

Creating the ultimate “Dream Scenario” for music artists, hobbyists and professionals, Music Launch Pad Inc. (MLP) provides a one-stop-shop for all things related to success in the music industry with an innovative business model that aims to revolutionize the way music artists are taught, developed, and discovered.

To tackle the root of any artist’s problem, the Company has pioneered a “10 Steps To Success” educational model, which addresses all elements of the music profession, from instrument training to management to writing the next #1 hit on Billboard.

To meet the demand of consumers the Company will produce a proprietary database of one-of-a-kind video educational courses through an advanced, state of the art production facility while offering networking and career advancement opportunities, gear, instruments and proprietary applications to expedite success through a highly interactive and intuitive web portal.